Getting Organized Can Save You Money

Is your life so disorganized that it’s costing you money? If you’re like all too many Americans, you’re spending so much time rummaging around for lost or misplaced items – wasting a combined 9 million hours a day – that you’re frazzled to even contemplate that question. That’s a real shame because it turns out it’s not just stuff like car keys and medicine we’re mislaying. According to Harris Interactive, 23 percent of adults admit to paying their bills late because they’ve lost them in what we’ll call The Great Abyss.

Why Everybody Needs Multiple Income Streams

It seems like everybody I talk to earns some additional money on the side. Most of them is from some sort of hobby or something that interests them (unlike their job).

I found this concept absolutely fascinating and was rather disappointed in myself for not thinking of it earlier. Duh. Of course - it makes sense! People are earning less today than they did a decade ago - no wonder people are reaching out to other avenues to earn a little extra cash.

3 Tips For Teaching Your Child To Save Money

Saving money is said to be the most important step, when someone is planning to execute a financial procedure. It is not only necessary for adults to save money and chalk out future investment plans but also it is equally important for children to plan their savings.

Money saved by children can help in funding emergency requirements or can also be a good support for meeting the expenses of college education. No matter whatever amount one earns, at least a little should be saved.

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early Or Invest?

One of the hottest topics of debate in personal finance management is - whether to pay off your mortgage or make long term investments with your spare cash? It is a very complex question and the answer is not simple and depends on a large number of factors. The following article would provide an overview of the options as well as their advantages and disadvantages so that you may decide your financial option as per your convenience.

Advantages of pre-paying the mortgage:

How to Avoid 3 Common IRA Rollover Errors

It's human nature. We all make mistakes from time to time. But when it's your money, even small mistakes can cost you a lot, especially when it involves Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Here are three common IRA rollover errors and how to avoid them:

#1: Leaving Assets in a Former Employer's Retirement Plan
When you leave an employer, usually you have the right to roll over your entire vested balance into an IRA. Why would you want to do that? There are several reasons:

Family Wealth: Learning to Have Enough

Family wealth is, no doubt, an area where members must learn to have enough to be content. However, we take for granted basic life principles that have the power to propel us towards this goal.

Since I began raising a family, managing our little family wealth has never been a more serious business; so serious, I would spend sleepless nights figuring out how to cover all our priority needs in a modest budget. We learn this best when we have hit rock bottom in our finances, resolving never to find ourselves in that rut again.

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